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Tips To Get the Most Fun Out of Your Seasonal Activities

A little preparation goes a long way to ensure a good time!

a couple hiking wearing backpacks standing on the edge of a hill watching the sunset

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The fall is a season that brings so many opportunities to reconnect with nature and with those we cherish. No matter what you have planned, you’ll get the most out of day by being prepared. Are any of these scenarios in your future? If so, you’ll want to have all you need before, during, and after to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Are any of these scenarios in your future? If so, you’ll want to have all you need before, during, and after to make sure everything goes smoothly. 

Beach Day

Getting ready for a day at the beach? You’ll want to pack everything you need for swimming, playing, and enjoying the water and sun. The number one thing to remember is sunscreen with a strong SPF to prevent sunburn. You’ll also want sand and water toys for the grandkids, floats for lounging in the water, and a comfy chair to set up on the sand. Even with sunscreen, your skin might need some after-sun love once you get home. Be sure to have some soothing aloe vera lotion on hand. 

Outdoor Adventure

Fall is the perfect time to explore the great outdoors, whether it’s an overnight camping trip or a family hike. If you’re going to be in the wilderness, though, there’s a lot of gear to consider. For example, comfortable shoes that don’t give you blisters. Be sure to pack first aid basics, including moleskin pads, bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and any medications you might need like allergy or antihistamine medicine. And don’t forget sunscreen, aloe, and after-bite care like calamine lotion in case any critters decide to get in the way of your fun.   

Night on the Town

It’s been a while, but you’re beyond ready to get out for dining, dancing, and perhaps dating? Prep for a night on the town with some pampering, so you are ready to shine. Scented body washes, exfoliating facial cleansers, and light moisturizers leave you glowing. Get your legs and feet primed for a season of dresses and cute sandals with a new moisturizing razor and pumice stone, too.  

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