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7 Reasons Why "Queen Bees" is the Perfect Summer Movie

Bring the family together for a fun, heart-felt movie everyone will enjoy

Four actresses in the movie queen bees

Photo credit: Courtesy of Gravitas Ventures

At long last, it’s time to bring family and friends together for some old-fashioned fun! Whether it’s at home or in a theater, movie night is back on and first up on your must-watch list should be Queen Bees. The movie features a star-studded cast of some of our favorite award-winning actors, including Ellen Burstyn, Jane Curtin, Ann-Margret, Loretta Devine, James Caan and Christopher Lloyd.

Queen Bees is a heartwarming romantic comedy about Helen, a fiercely independent woman in her golden years who temporarily and reluctantly moves into a retirement community while her house is being repaired. In the Pine Grove Senior Community, she forges her own path to fit in, despite the “popular” clique of ladies excluding her from the bridge club, and the persistent advances of charming widowers. 


Why This Movie Is Worth Watching

1. It’s relatable and inspirational at the same time.

We’ve all been the new kid somewhere. Change is hard, and when we get used to things being a certain way, new situations can be frightening, no matter how “good for you” they are. Queen Bees recognizes that, but also reminds us that taking risks, trying new things, and opening yourself up and giving people a chance to know you can lead to wonderful experiences, friendships, and even romance. 

2. It reminds us that it’s never too late to try something new.

The Queen Bees of Pine Grove may all be past seventy-years-old, but they show us that there is no age-restriction to reap the rewards for expanding our horizons – to both minor new experiences (ah, the bliss of shiatsu massage), and major self-improvement (learning to apologize, forgive, and love again).   

3. It shows us just how important friendships are.

The connections we make with friends can be stronger than family. Friends can make us laugh more (especially during aqua aerobics!), cry less, and just be by our side in times of need. Our closest friends accept us when we’re at our best, and when we’re not.

4. It gives us hope that it’s never too late for romance.

Helen thought she was done with love, until she met her neighbor Dan. She spurns his initial advances, but his charm and persistence–as well as some encouragement from her new friends–warms her up. Despite some unexpected twists and turns–SPOILER ALERT–we all get the happy ending we’re looking for!  

5. We could all use a good laugh. 

It’s been a rough year, and whether you’ve been challenged mentally, emotionally, physically, economically – we can agree that laughter can be great medicine and the talented cast of Queen Bees delivers on the humor! Be ready to laugh out loud when a birthday poker game gets out of hand, and when Helen and Sally discuss a problem plaguing many women – and the solution: Ta-Ta Towels!     

6. There are take-aways for everyone - your kids and grandkids may learn a thing or two too!

In addition to being a fun and charming film the whole family can enjoy, Queen Bees demonstrates that older family members are still capable people with their own everyday lives, thoughts, wants, and dreams. It also shows that even though being family can be challenging sometimes, being supportive and taking the time to listen and communicate goes a long way. 

7. It’s like a warm hug from old friends.

You may not have seen some of these actors in a while, but their familiar faces are a welcome sight. Ellen Burstyn (88), Christopher Lloyd (82), James Caan (81), Ann-Margret (80), Jane Curtin (73), and Loretta Devine (71) have been gracing our screens since the 60s and 70s, and have made their way into our hearts starring in classics like Bye Bye Birdie, Back to the Future, The Godfather, and Saturday Night Live. Seeing these icons come together and having a good time won’t fail to put a smile on your face.

If you’re looking for a sweet, funny, poignant movie to start the summer, bring your friends and family with you to see Queen Bees, or invite them over to watch it with you at home.