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Why High-Tech Toys Can Be Good for the Kids in Your Life

Give your grandchildren the gift of creativity this season!

Child and mother on tablet device

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While a lot can be said for introducing the kids in your life to simpler toys of your childhood, the latest high-tech entertainment likely tops their holiday wish list. And though it may seem like children today are inseparable from their gadgets, tech toys do have several benefits to keep in mind as you start to plan gift giving this holiday season. 

Here’s how the right gadget can boost a child’s creativity, teach valuable skills, and promote fitness in a fun and engaging way. 

Kids looking at watches

Photo Credit: Little Tikes

High-tech toys encourage creativity

From photography and videography to customizable art, today’s tech offers kids a digital art and editing studio. This fosters an interest in art and gives them free rein for self-expression. Smart tech gives kids a chance to create a digital diary of their lives and the things they love. They can capture a day with friends and family through a series of photos or videos. Today’s tools also allow them to embellish photos with fun stickers and animated graphics, giving kids the chance to put their own stamp on their favorite images.

They are educational 

Critical thinking and problem-solving are essential life skills, but teaching them to kids in ways that hold their attention can be tough. Tech toys are chock-full of games that stimulate the brain to think through different winning strategies. 

Father and son playing soccer on beach

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They promote physical activity 

Fostering an interest in personal health and fitness at a young age is a key to long-term health. Tech toys make it simple by gamifying physical activity through incentivized play. Whether dancing their way to a higher level of a game or competing to achieve the highest step count, kids are rewarded for their accomplishments and encouraged to keep going as they unlock new levels. Not only are they learning to have fun with fitness, they’re also establishing the habit of setting goals. Win-win! 

Keep kids entertained, learning, and active with the Tobi™ 2 Robot Smartwatch. The fun device has two built-in cameras so kids can capture photos and up to 30 minutes of video all from their wrist. It also functions as a calculator, calendar, an alarm clock, and more. Kids remain engaged through games and learning initiatives and by interacting with the Tobi robot character. With more than 100 expressions, it even laughs and giggles. 

Kids can play games head-to-head with their nearby friends who also have Tobi 2 Robot Smartwatches. Adults need to approve wireless connections and can also set screen time limits.

This holiday, level up your gift giving with a toy the kids in your life will love while they learn valuable life skills. For kids ages six and up, you can’t go wrong with the Tobi 2 Robot Smartwatch.