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4 Signs That It’s Time To Address Your Hearing Loss

What you should look for, and what to do about it

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Are you frequently asking people to “speak up”? Do you struggle to understand conversations in crowded rooms? Do you often find yourself staying quiet in social situations because you can’t follow what others are saying? If so, these may be signs that you’re dealing with hearing loss. 

Some people may find their tolerance is much lower for loud noises that previously wouldn’t bother them. Or they may hide or deny their symptoms, leading to social isolation, depression, and dementia.1  

Look for these common signs that it’s time to consider getting help with your hearing loss.

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Difficulty keeping up with conversations

Do you ever find yourself straining to hear conversations, especially in a crowded, noisy place? For example, you might need to be close to the person speaking in order to hear them. Or, you could be relying on visual cues to get the gist of the message. Asking people to repeat themselves or talk louder in conversations can indicate hearing loss. 

Struggling in social interactions 

Similarly, you might be feeling frustrated or isolated during social interactions. It can be draining to have to read lips to supplement a spoken conversation. You might also notice that interpreting body language has become more important to your conversations.  

It’s common for people experiencing hearing loss to feel alone or depressed3 in these situations. That’s because instead of asking people to repeat themselves or talk louder, people with hearing loss would often rather avoid awkwardness and accept that they’ve missed out on what someone just said. In fact, some people with hearing loss may avoid social gatherings altogether, furthering their feelings of isolation. 

Turning up the volume 

Trouble hearing household devices2 like the television, telephone, or stereo can indicate that hearing aids would improve your life. You may not even notice you’re turning up the volume when you settle in to watch your favorite program. Relying on subtitles while watching television and movies to clearly understand the actors’ dialogue is another sign that hearing aids could enhance your enjoyment of home entertainment. 

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Difficulty hearing environmental sounds

Whereas a phone, car horn, or siren might startle others in your household, it’s common for people with hearing loss to have difficulty hearing environmental sounds. While that may seem like a silver lining, having the volume turned down on these noises can be a risk to your safety – and should be considered a sign to think about hearing aids seriously.

If you’re experiencing hearing loss, hearing aids may make it easier to maintain your independence. Hearing aids have a reputation for being clunky, difficult to use, and expensive. However, they can help you keep connected with your friends and family and improve your everyday experiences with sound.  

HearUSA matches you with the best hearing aid for you, with a free hearing screening to assess your needs on your first visit. Hearing care professionals are there to tell you about advances that have been made in the last several years. You’ll see for yourself that the latest models are discreet, easy-to-use, and designed to help you live at full volume.  

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