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How To Get the Most Out of Your Morning Routine

It's all about starting the day with invigorating habits

woman walking with weights


Is getting up in the morning an effort? Our morning routines play an essential role in replenishing our energy and starting our day on the right foot. Reaching for that second cup of coffee for a boost is one approach, but you know that hit of caffeine isn’t going to last long. Here are some better ways to get the physical and mental energy we need to face the day.   

Rev-Up Your Engines With Exercise

If you exercise in the morning, even if it’s just for 20 minutes, you’ll wake up your metabolism and feel energized for hours afterward. Cardiovascular exercise doesn’t have to be intense or high impact to be effective, as long as it gradually raises your heart rate. Weather permitting, take a walk outside, or invest in a treadmill for rainy days. Lace up those sneakers, get the music playing, and get ready to reap the benefits of a natural energy boost.

Couple eating breakfast


Eat the Right Kind of Breakfast

Speaking of your metabolism, eating breakfast keeps your internal furnace stoked, so don’t skip it. Dietary fiber is a vital nutrient at any age, but it’s especially critical as we age. Health benefits include: a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes; prevention and relief of constipation; and maintaining a healthy weight. Health experts recommend women get 21 grams of dietary fiber a day and men get 30 grams a day. A tasty yet invigorating option is a bowl of high-fiber cereal like Fiber OneTM Original Cereal. Keep your pantry stocked, so you always have an easy-to-prepare breakfast on hand. 

woman on a couch meditating


Feed Your Mind and Soul

Mindful practices like meditation and journaling can boost your mood and energy levels. Even a brief meditation session can release endorphins, increase blood flow to the brain, and quiet the mind of negative thoughts that zap our energy. Journaling provides an opportunity to put positive affirmations on paper. Writing yourself reminders of what makes you happy will lift your spirits. 

Getting out of bed when the alarm rings is just the first step! For a more fulfilling and productive morning, craft a routine that supports your physical and mental well-being. When you move your body, eat a nutritious fiber-rich breakfast, and engage your brain in ways that make you feel good, you’ve put all the elements in place for the perfect day.

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