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3 Ways to Help a Loved One Live Independently

Resources to reassure long-distance caregivers

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Even if your loved ones are still able to live at home – and are steadfast about keeping it that way – there can be challenges, especially if you don’t live close by. Regularly calling is key, as is listening to any concerns about things like housework or paying bills. There are other ways to check on the well-being of aging loved ones without being intrusive. Here are three ways to help them continue to live independently. 

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Find others to visit when you can’t

When you’re in town, make a point of chatting with your loved ones’ friends and neighbors, fellow members of their house of worship, and other people who they see regularly. Ask if they can stop by to visit them at home occasionally to make sure everything is okay. Give these helpers your phone number so they can call and let you know if they ever have any concerns. You can also contact your town’s senior center and ask them to recommend a home companion service. 

Help manage finances from a distance

Keeping on top of finances and remembering which bills are due when can be difficult as you get older. Avoid overdue notices by getting added to your loved ones’ bank and credit card accounts as well as utilities and other critical accounts. That makes it easy for you to pay their bills online and have reminders sent to your email. You can also keep an eye on balances and get alerts if there is suspicious activity. 

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Utilize smart home technology

With all of the recent advancements in technology, it’s more convenient than ever to connect with loved ones, even if they are far away. And it’s not just through video chats. In-home remote caregiving solutions such as Alexa Together can help give you peace of mind, and reassure you that your loved one is well and has access to help if needed. Echo devices with an Alexa Together subscription give users 24/7 access to an Urgent Response team. They also have activity alerts, so you can get notified of particular events. Your loved one even has the option to allow you to manage specific device settings remotely to do everything from linking a playlist of their favorite music to setting reminders to take medication.  

Even if you live far away, you can help your loved ones remain independent with a little advanced planning. Ask friends and neighbors who live nearby to check on your parents occasionally and give you an update. Ask your parents for permission to oversee their bills to make sure everything is paid on time. And subscribe to a remote caregiving solution such as Alexa Together so your loved ones have hands-free 24/7 support and assistance.   

Living at home independently is often a top priority for those you care for. With these essential safety and well-being checks in place, it can be worry-free for you. 

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