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Stay Safe on the Road

An SUV driving through a cross walk

SUVs Increasingly Deadly to Pedestrians

News report says size, design and popularity of SUVs are raising the body count

Your Membership

Rules of the Road

Mature Woman Wearing Sunglasses Driving Car, Stay Sharp, AARP Driver Safety

Stay Sharp For Safe Driving

The fitness of your mind and body must work hand in hand in order to drive safely

car keys next to an opened prescription drug bottle

Older Drivers and Medications

About half of those 65-plus with a license take seven or more drugs, posing a possibly dangerous road risk

Understanding Mind and Body Changes

Having a conversation about giving up the keys

The Difficult Driving Conversation

We Need to Talk will help you and your loved one discuss whether it's time for them to stop driving

Senior driver in red car, Fitness to Drive Screening Test

Fitness-to-Drive Screening Tool

Find out how to determine when you or a loved one should stop driving

Older couple standing next to car door

How to Keep Driving Safely as You Age

How to maintain your skills behind the wheel for as long as possible


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