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Resources for Loved Ones

Mature man and adult son, standing beside car, talking, We Need To Talk, AARP Driving Reource Center

We Need to Talk

This free online seminar that will help you determine how to assess your loved ones’ driving skills

Your Membership

Transition From Driving

Senior driver in red car, Fitness to Drive Screening Test

Fitness-to-Drive Screening Tool

How do you know when to take the keys – or give them up? Try this online screening measure

Elderly couple unloading car trunk, Transportation Options for Non-Drivers

Transportation Options for Non-Drivers

Transportation alternatives become essential when your loved one stops driving. Learn your options

Maintain Mobility and Independence

7 Distracted Driving Tips The best advice for keeping your eyes safely on the road

Why Take a Driver Safety Course?

Because driving has changed since you first got your license, and doing so could save you money

Exercise class, mature adults, Driving Resource Center

Exercise for Safety Behind the Wheel

Simple exercises contribute to a more positive driving experience and help you to stay safe on the road

Autos: Brain Tips for smart driving

Brain Training Tips for Smart Driving

Keeping your brain sharp can make you safer on the road


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