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Top Car Technologies

Technologies that were considered advanced a few years ago are now standard or on their way to becoming standard. Watch videos of ten car technologies that make driving safer, easier, and more enjoyable.


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Staying Alert

Drowsy Driver Alerts

Drowsy Driver Alert Systems monitor the degree to which you may be inattentive while driving on the road and reminds you to focus on driving and stay alert.


Blind Spot Warning

Blind Spot Warning Systems will warn you if objects are in blind spots when you attempt to move toward them, especially while changing lanes and parking.


Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning Systems monitor your vehicle's position and give you a warning if your vehicle begins to deviate outside your lane, when you don't have your blinker on.




Driving Safely

Reverse Monitoring

Reverse Monitoring Systems warn of objects to the rear of your vehicle to help you judge distances while backing up.


Assistive Parking

Assistive Parking enables your vehicle to park on its own or indicates distance to objects, reducing driver stress, making parking easier and increasing the places that you can comfortably park.


Voice Activated Systems

Systems allow you to control certain vehicle features with voice commands so you can keep your hands on the wheel and eyes focused on the road for safety.




Driver Assistance

Smart Headlights

Voice Activated Smart Headlights adjust the range, direction or intensity of your headlights based on road and environmental conditions, as well as traffic and pedestrians, to reduce glare and improve your night vision.


Stability Control

Vehicle Stability Control detects and reduces the loss of traction (skidding).

Emergency Response

Emergency Response Systems offer you quick assistance in the case of a medical emergency or collision, often allowing emergency personnel to get to the scene more quickly with the information they need to assist you.

Crash Mitigation

Crash Mitigation Systems detect when your vehicle may be in danger of a collision and may provide alerts and automatic braking to help minimize injuries to you and your passengers.

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