Your Social Security

    Your Social Security Stories

    We went around the U.S. and talked to folks about Social Security

    Social Security Beneficiaries to See Paltry Increase in 2017

    This small sum may be eaten up by higher Medicare premiums

    Video: Leaders Need to Lead

    Our next president needs to take action on Social Security for future generations

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    Social Security Benefits

    10 Surprising Facts About Social Security

    Check out these little-known facts about one of America's best-loved programs

    Where Do the Candidates Stand on Social Security?

    The 170 million Americans who are paying in to Social Security are eager to hear your answers

    Social Security Benefits Calculator

    Calculate the best retirement age to claim benefits

    Your Questions

    Your Social Security Benefits and the IRS

    Taxable? Maybe — it depends on your other income

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    How Women 50+ Feel About Social Security

    Get results from new AARP poll

    Social Security Changes in 2016

    Here’s what to look for in your benefits check and your paycheck deductions

    Race, Retirement and Social Security

    The program is neutral in terms of race or ethnicity, but how do people of color interact with the system?

    Video: Social Security

    A Tale of Two Brothers: It Pays to Wait

    Did you know that waiting even a year or two to claim your benefits can make a big difference in monthly benefits for the rest of your life?

    Real Leaders on Social Security

    170 million Americans work hard and pay into Social Security. The next President needs the courage to make tough decisions to ensure it’s there for them

    Social Security Resources

    Got Social Security Questions?

    AARP's Social Security Q&A tool has the answers

    Social Security For Dummies

    Get expert advice for ensuring you're receiving your maximum benefits

    Quiz: Are You Savvy About Social Security?

    Think you know Social Security? Test your smarts on this great American retirement program

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