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    Scams & Fraud

    Quiz: Are You Savvy About Wi-Fi Security?

    Know the risks when using public wireless networks

    Woman using cell phone and laptop in living room

    Phony Phone Numbers Can Cost You Money

    How to avoid being cheated over the phone

    Credit Cards: The Smartest Holiday Shopping Choice

    Three reasons why credit cards are the most protective payment choice

    Your Membership

    Today's Hot Deals

    Identify Theft

    Quiz: Are You Savvy About Wi-Fi Security?

    Public wireless internet could lead to unintentional over-sharing. Take this quiz to see if you avoid giving out personal information when logging online.

    Password protection, Anatomy of an Identity Theft

    10 Ways to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

    Identity theft is rampant with easy access to personal info. Here are 10 tips to increase identity theft protection.

    Target loto with financial data (Mike McQuade)

    Protect Your Personal Data

    Protect your personal information to reduce credit card fraud and identity theft with these smart practices.

    Customer Service

    Here are a few things to say to customer service or call center reps.

    7 Things You Should Always Say to Customer Service

    If you’ve had a bad experience with customer service, you know it’s easy to get angry. Here's a calmer way to resolve consumer issues.

    Customer service people at work

    7 Things You Should Never Say to Customer Service

    What words or phrases will make a customer service rep your immediate enemy? Ron Burley has seven answers.

    Selling Older Consumers Short

    Boomers spend — and change brands. So why do so many advertisers ignore them completely?

    Consumer Tips

    Senior Discounts clothing

    10 Places to Ask for a Senior Discount

    Shopping on certain days or asking for a price break can save you money

    The Best Ways to Spend $200

    Here are seven ways you can spend money and maximize your savings at the same time.

    Refunds are the exception, not the norm, so here's how to protect yourself when your travel plans fall though

    Illness Sinks a Cruise and Costs Thousands

    When booking travel, protect your investment and possibly get your money back if an emergency occurs with these tips.

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