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We Need To Talk: Family Conversations with Older Drivers
The Meaning of DrivingObserving Driving SkillsPlanning Conversations
Module Steps:   Overview  |  Practice  |  Review

MODULE 1: The Meaning of Driving


What does driving mean to older adults?


En español | In this module you will learn what value driving has to older adults and how a perceived loss of independence can affect their decisions about driving. You will also learn how to cope with emotions that arise from conversations about limiting or giving up driving.


This module has three parts:

  • Overview of module topic
  • Practice what you've learned
  • Review what you've learned


Watch the We Need to Talk seminar introduction video (approx. 1 minute) before continuing with Module 1.



The total estimated time needed to complete the We Need To Talk online seminar is 1 hour, 15 minutes:

  • Module 1: 26 minutes
  • Module 2: 19 minutes
  • Module 3: 30 minutes


Please use your browser’s Bookmarks/Favorites function to save your place in the Seminar if you need to pause for any reason.


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