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A Man of Strong Opinions

Bob Dylan shares his thoughts on great artists and icons

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    En español | Find out what Bob Dylan thought of these icons, ranging from Chuck Berry to William Shakespeare.

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    “There is no more Frank. There wasn’t before him or isn’t after. And he never went away. All those other things that we thought were here to stay, they did go away. But he never did.”

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    “Nancy is head and shoulders above most of these girl singers today. And where’d she get that? Well, she’s Frank’s daughter, right?”

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    “There’s only one guy that I know who did it all, and that was Irving Berlin. This guy was a flat-out genius.” 

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    “You could learn a lot from Jimmie Rodgers. This guy, he could sing absolutely anything.”  

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    “It’s very hard to do what he does. And if you see him in person, it’s hard for him to even do it.”  

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    “This guy was rock ’n’ roll personified. He filled football stadiums before Mick Jagger did.”  

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    “I’ll go to see Shakespeare plays, even in a different language. I don’t care; I just like it.” 

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    “I love all of his stuff. “Jeepers Creepers.” “Lazy Bones.” “Blues in the Night.” If he was around now, I’d give him some of my instrumental tapes. See what he could do with them. But they might be beneath him.” 

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    “I might trade places with Picasso if I could, creatively speaking. I’d like to think I was the boss of my creative process, too, and I could just do anything I wanted whenever I wanted and it would all be on a grand scale. But of course, that’s not true.”

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    “These songs were written by people who went out of fashion years ago. I’m probably someone who helped put them out of fashion. But what they did is a lost art form. Just like da Vinci and Renoir and van Gogh. Nobody paints like that anymore either. But it can’t be wrong to try.” 

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    “If I had to do it all over again, I’d be a schoolteacher — probably teach Roman history or theology.”

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