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A Triple Win for Students, Volunteers and Schools

Older Female volunteer tutoring young African American girl  for Experience Corps program

Experience Corps Philadelphia Volunteer

Experience Corps connects students with caring adult volunteers age 50 and older who provide an essential combination of training, life experience and commitment. The program helps children read at grade level so that they have the opportunity to succeed in school and in life.

AARP Foundation Experience Corps is an intergenerational volunteer-based tutoring program that is proven to help children who aren’t reading at grade level become great readers by the end of third grade.

We inspire and empower adults age 50 and older to serve in their community and disrupt the cycle of poverty by making a lasting difference in the lives of America’s most vulnerable children.


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Advancing Sustainable Solutions

New Report: Positive Social-Emotional Learning Outcomes

Findings from the Experience Corps Social-Emotional Learning Evaluation were compelling, with students seeing statistically significant improvements in social-emotional learning.

Service Makes a Difference

AARP Foundation’s Experience Corp program is funded by an $ 1,249,130 grant from AmeriCorps. AmeriCorps and U.S. Department of Justice funding provide 16% of the support for Experience Corps, with AARP Foundation and non-governmental sources providing 84% ($9,077,599) of support.  

Meet Willie Jean Vance: Experience Corps Volunteer

Learn what a moving experience Willie Jean finds teaching young kids to become great readers.

'Take on Today' Podcast Discusses How Older Adults Can Help Young Children Learn to Read

In this 'Take on Today' episode, you'll hear from Mioshi Moses, Vice President of the program, as she breaks down how the program empowers older adults as well as a volunteer who shares his story and experience as a mentor.

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General inquiries can be submitted to Upon receiving an inquiry, our director of Field Services will contact the you and provide you with an initial information packet.


AARP Foundation Experience Corps is looking for adults 50 years and older interested in tutoring K-3 students who are struggling to read.


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