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AARP Foundation Is Fighting to Keep Drug Prices Lower for Medicare Recipients

Learn about the amicus briefs AARP Foundation attorneys have filed supporting Medicare’s ability to negotiate prices.

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AARP Foundation Joins Class Action Charge Claiming Meta's Job Ad-Delivery Algorithm Discriminates Against Older Workers and Women Workers

REAL Women in Trucking (RWIT), a nonprofit that advocates for women truck drivers, alleges that Meta’s ad-delivery algorithm intentionally discriminates based on age and gender and perpetuates ageist and sexist stereotypes.

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New Supreme Court term has major implications for long-term care

Three cases before the US Supreme Court this term could have significant repercussions for the long-term care sector.

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Medicare drug negotiation program sidesteps key legal hurdle

The judge overseeing Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce et al. v. Becerra et al. has ruled against a preliminary injunction that would stop the Inflation Reduction Act’s pricing provision in its tracks.

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Parties Reach Amicable Resolution in Social Media Job Ads Dispute

The Communications Workers of America (CWA), two individual CWA members, and Target have reached a consensual resolution in a dispute under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), which covers workers age 40 and older, and similar state laws. 

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Tips on How to Avoid “Resident Dumping”

Do you know what patient dumping is? Learn if you or a loved one are at risk – and what to do about it.

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Court Finds Nursing Facility Violated Federal and State Laws with Involuntary Discharge of California Woman

Nursing facility residents’ right to return following a hospital stay upheld.

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Approves Model Settlement in Lawsuit Challenging Workplace Wellness Program

Yale University has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit. 

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Judge Rules to Merge NY Attorney General and AARP Foundation Lawsuits on Behalf of Pensioners

Suits challenge Catholic Diocese of Albany’s failure to adequately fund pensions of retirees of its affiliated hospital, St. Clare’s.

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AARP Foundation Files Class Action Lawsuit Seeking to Protect Nursing Facility Residents

AARP Foundation joins Equip for Equality and Chicago law firms in lawsuit against Alden Group nursing facility chain.

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Model Settlement in Lawsuit Challenging Workplace Wellness Program

Yale University has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit. 

Kwesell  v. Yale University,  U.S. Dist. Ct. Conn.  3:19-cv-10980 

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Pension Suit to Continue with Court's Affirmance on Appeal

Appellate Division upholds trial court ruling allowing pensioners to proceed with their case.

Read Court's Decision on Motion to Dismiss (PDF), Press Release on Motion to Dismiss, Decision on Appeal (PDF), Press Release on Appeal

The Drinks Industry Has an Ageism Problem

AFL's Dan Kohrman comments on age discrimination in the workplace. Read

Court Remands and Vacates HHS’s Unlawful Approval of a California Medicaid Rate Cuts for Dental Services

The amendment drastically cut reimbursement rates for periodontal care and instituted burdensome and potentially dangerous pre-authorization and x-ray processes for institutionlized patients. 

Read Complaint (PDF), Press ReleaseMotion for Summary Judgement  (PDF), Decision (PDF), LinkedIn Op-Ed, Marsh Ryerson


Home Care Workers Fight for Illegally Withheld Pay

Find out about the class action lawsuit AARP Foundation filed after this home care worker’s pay was cut and she was illegally denied overtime. AARP Foundation fights to advance the legal rights of older adults living with low income..

AARP Foundation Supreme Court 2023 Preview



Each October, the nine justices of the Supreme Court convene to do the work of interpreting the laws of the United States. And come summertime when this work is complete for the year, we are left with a series of decisions that shape not just the law of the land, but our lives.

The 2022-2023 term was no exception. The Court was at times intensely divided on issues like student loansaffirmative action, and First Amendment rights. More often, however, the justices decided cases by 6-3 or greater margins that crossed ideological lines, including in cases of critical importance to older adults.

In the upcoming term, the Court will again hear several cases affecting the lives of adults over 50. This preview describes those cases and contains AARP Foundation attorneys’ predictions about legal issues that may reach the Court in the future.

AARP Foundation will continue to do our part to ensure equal justice under the law for older adults. Foundation attorneys will continue to fight for and fiercely defend the rights of older adults in courts across the country, including the Supreme Court. 


On the Docket

Current Litigation Cases

Follow cases in which attorneys with AARP Foundation attorneys represent a party. The cases listed in this docket are in reverse chronological order of the filing or decision dates. 

Recent Amicus Cases

The amicus cases in this docket appear in reverse chronological order of the filing or decision date.