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Senior Community Service Employment Program

SCSEP offers paid job training to eligible citizens in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

AARP Foundation and SCSEP, believe that achieving the American Dream is possible for everyone, regardless of age. SCSEP offers paid job training to eligible citizens in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.  The SCSEP training allows participants to earn money while they develop skills to compete in the job market.  The program is funded by American tax dollars and run by non-profit organizations.  AARP Foundation operates SCSEP in 22 states and is one of the nation’s largest providers of this program.

SCSEP helps people age 55+ find work, develop new skills, and build their financial security.

Through SCSEP, 55+ job candidates like you:

  • Receive up to 20 hours/week of paid training and work experience
  • Gain valuable skills and experience, and build self-confidence
  • Use their skills and talents to improve the community by training in a wide variety of locations, including offices, hospitals, daycare centers, senior centers and other community organizations

Wondering if you might qualify? Answer the following questions:

  • Are you 55 years of age or older?
  • Are you unemployed?
  • Do you earn a low or no income?
  • Do you wish to work in your community?
  • Do you want to be paid to learn new skills through on-the-job training?

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, you may be eligible.

Use SCSEP's easy tool to learn if you might be eligible and find a site near you. Or, find an SCSEP site near you! Contact the site and ask if they are currently enrolling job candidates into the program.

Senior Community Service Employment Programs (SCSEP) are made possible through generous support from the U.S. Department of Labor, which provides grants to nonprofit organizations and state governments who work in every county in the country.