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2015 AARP Foundation Calendar Contest Winners

Enjoy our judges' favorite examples of "Endless Opportunities"

  • Sunset, Hot-air Balloon, Brenda George
    Brenda George - Bonaire, GA

    Outside Cover

    The theme was “Endless Opportunities,” and participants in the 2015 AARP Foundation Calendar Contest came up with a stunning array of examples. Enjoy this slideshow of the winning entries, which are all included in the 2015 calendar.

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  • Window, Bell, Positano, Italy,
    Bayla Farber — New York, NY

    Inside Cover

    Bayla Farber and her friend Larry have been traveling the world after being connected through their sons following the passing of Larry’s wife. Bayla captured Timeless inside an abbey near Positano, Italy. The blue sky, glistening sea and quiet of the abbey made time seem endless, and this photo reminds Bayla of the opportunities she and Larry have to explore the world at this time in their lives.

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  • England, Gold Hill, Cottages, Andrew Roper
    Andrew Roper — California, MD

    February 2015

    Andrew Roper visits England at least once a year to see his 93-year-old mother. The area where Cottages on Gold Hill was taken was featured in a commercial that he can remember from when he lived in England in the 1970s. On a recent trip, he made it his goal to see the area that had burned such an impression in his mind.

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  • Savannah, Georgia, Clearing Skies, Calendar Contest, Alan Fulton
    Alan Fulton — Streator, IL

    March 2015

    Clearing Skies over Savannah was taken while Alan Fulton was on a trip to the East Coast for a friend’s wedding. To Alan, this photo expresses optimism and excitement for the many opportunities yet to come.

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  • Las Vegas Wildlife, Steven Larson, bee, flower
    Steven Larson — Las Vegas, NV

    April 2015

    Steven Larson was able to take this photograph, Las Vegas Wildlife, right in his own backyard. This is not a common sighting for those living in the desert and it takes a lot of patience to be able to spot and enjoy this part of nature.

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  • Flower, Blue, Calendar Contest, Barbara Dahl
    Barbara Dahl — Salt Lake City, UT

    May 2015

    For Barbara Dahl, Curled Flower is a perfect representation of endless opportunities. The uniqueness of the center swirl and the additional blossoms that are stretching out represent what can be achieved when people reach out to others with kindness and support.

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  • Hummingbird, Flower, Calendar Contest,  David Briggs
    David Briggs — Fiskeville, RI

    June 2015

    David Briggs was able to enjoy this beautiful sight in Summer Hummingbird inside his house looking out onto his deck. He has been practicing photography for close to forty years and enjoys the countless opportunities that his hobby provides.

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  • Florida aquarium, Calendar contest, Leafy Seadragon,  Kathleen Seaman
    Kathleen Seaman — Dunedin, FL

    July 2015

    For Kathleen Seaman, Leafy Seadragon represents all that can be accomplished when you set your mind to a goal. When she saw this beautiful seadragon at a local aquarium, she immediately seized the opportunity to take this beautiful photograph.

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  • Kayak, River, Bruce Squiers,
    Bruce Squiers — Salem, NY

    August 2015

    Up the Creek features a couple traveling between the sky and the water — presenting endless opportunities of where to go next. This photograph was taken when Bruce Squiers was on a day trip to a park near his home.

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  • Open Road, red car, David Blass, calendar contest
    David Blass — North Bethesda, MD

    September 2015

    For David Blass, driving opens a whole world of freedom and opportunity. Open Road asks “Where are you going?” and “How are you getting there?” — two questions with endless possible answers.

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  • Sunset, Hot-air Balloon, Brenda George
    Brenda George — Bonaire, GA

    October 2015 and Front Cover

    For Brenda George there is nothing quite as therapeutic as being in a hot air balloon. In Evening in the Clouds she is no longer looking at ground level and can see the forest through the trees. The patchwork below represents the different paths in life, the view in the distance, and the opportunities still to come.

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  •  Airplane, Calendar Contest, clouds, Richard Sechelski
    Richard Sechelski — Flagstaff, AZ

    November 2015

    Richard Sechelski retired early so that he could spend more time with his children and grandchildren. Let’s Fly was taken on his way to see family across the country. To Richard, there is no better way to take advantage of the opportunities that life has to offer than with family and friends.

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  • Airplane, Pika Glacier, Alaska, Dusk
    Ray Landry — Salem, MA

    December 2015

    Dusk on Pika Glacier was taken while Ray Landry was on a trip to Alaska. As a licensed pilot, he was invited to sit up front for this flight and experienced landing on snow for the first time in Denali National Park.

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  • Brooklyn Bridge, Freedom Tower, Manhattan, Donna Higgins
    Donna Higgins — Clifton, NJ

    Back Cover

    Donna Higgins reminds us of the endless opportunities that are present when we come together after a disaster and find strength in one another. A New Beginning shows a unique view of Freedom Tower just beyond the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.

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  • 2014 Calendar Contest Winners.

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