Election 2016

    Where They Stand

    We invited both candidates to weigh in on Social Security, Medicare and more

    The Campaign Issue You Won't Hear About

    Why the candidates' ages are not a factor in the 2016 presidential election

    How Social Security helps Joseph Everett

    The retired grandfather of four is using his benefits to secure the future for his grandchildren

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    Help AARP Help Family Caregivers

    Caregivers usually come to the position with no experience, and little, if any, on-the-job training

    Help Social Security Be Part of the Next Debate

    Use social media like Twitter, Facebook or Thunderclap to get the topic trending

    Video: Real Leaders on Social Security

    The next President needs the courage to make tough decisions to ensure Social Security's future

    Government & Elections

    Test Your Knowledge of the Electoral College

    Are you a master of how a president is chosen?

    A Conversation With ...

    Warren Beatty

    With his first film in nearly 20 years, the 79-year-old actor-writer-director proves it's never too late

    Jimmy Carter

    The 39th president, humanitarian and farmer talks about politics, race relations, and marriage

    Video: Why Getting to Jupiter Is a Big Deal

    The Juno satellite, launched Aug. 5, 2011, is set to arrive at Jupiter on July 4

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    An Iconic Flag Rises Again, 15 Years Later

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    Test your knowledge of middle-school subjects

    Video: Floyd Norman's Journey

    The first African-American animator at Disney in the mid-50s, Floyd Norman was devastated when his job was 'discontinued'

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