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    Health Treatments

    5 Low-Impact Exercises for Joint Pain

    Build strength with activities that won't strain your joints

    What’s Happening In Washington?

    Get the latest news on the issues you care about. Become an AARP Advocate

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    Today's Hot Deals

    A Good Year for Hearing Loss Issues

    For hearing health, 2016 had many bright spots

    New Cutting-Edge Hearing Aids

    Check out the winners from the Consumer Electronics Show

    Study Reveals Drop in Hearing Loss

    But researchers say we shouldn't celebrate too fast

    Be a Smart Patient

    12 Medical Mistakes That Can Harm You

    Here's a list of the top 12 hospital medical mistakes to watch out for

    How to Talk So Your Doctor Will Listen

    Learn these tips before your next appointment

    Why Your Mouth Matters

    You may not see it, but your dentist can find clues about other health conditions

    Health Resources

    How Often Do You Need a Mammogram?

    How Often Do You Need a Mammogram?

    With More Patients in ICU, Delirium Is a Growing Problem

    There are ways family and hospital staff can help alleviate the risk

    Where Are the Doctors You'll Need?

    A geriatrician is a medical doctor or physician who is trained to meet the special health issues of older people.

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