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Health Treatments

Are Stem Cell Clinics Legit?

Hundreds now offer pricey injections to treat ailments without insurer or FDA oversight

What’s Happening In Washington?

Get the latest news on the issues you care about. Become an AARP Advocate

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Today's Hot Deals

Sound Improvements

New tech devices to make the dialogue on TV clearer

Lower-Cost Hearing Devices May Be Coming Soon

OTC aids available to some with hearing loss

Tips for Learning Sign Language

I failed my class, but you don't have to

Be a Smart Patient

Alec Baldwin's Painful Battle

Actor's Lyme disease got so bad that he thought he was going to die

Free Skin Cancer Screenings

A mobile exam room is making its way across the country

Remember When 'Cannabis' Was a No-No?

And sex toys, menopause and all the other formerly off-limit topics. Taboos be gone!

Health Conditions Information

Higher BMI Linked to Additional Hot Flashes

Study finds heavier women have more severe menopausal symptoms

How Is Your Emodiversity?

Study shows having a range of positive emotions reduces inflammation

Patients at Risk for Legionnaires' Disease

CDC analysis shows over 500 cases linked to health care facilities

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