New Health Care Bill Threatens Protection of Preexisting Conditions. Take Action

Health Treatments

Prostate Cancer Down

Fewer men are being diagnosed and treated, but it's still deadly

What’s Happening In Washington?

Get the latest news on the issues you care about. Become an AARP Advocate

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Are OTC Hearing Devices Better?

Study finds audiologist may make a difference

Summer Care for Your Hearing Aid

12 things to know during the hot season

10 Surprisingly Common Causes of Hearing Loss

And what you can do to help prevent them

Be a Smart Patient

Serious Eye Condition Being Misdiagnosed?

Doctors may be missing sight-robbing disease

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Allergies

What you learn may help you manage better

How to Get Rid of Earwax

Tips for keeping ears clean and hearing in check

Health Resources

Yes, ‘Man Flu’ Is Real

Don’t laugh; flu may be worse for men

70? 4 Tests to Avoid

And here are 2 you should consider

New Health Gadget Inspired by ‘Star Trek'

Technology helping you to live long and prosper

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