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    Health Treatments

    Hearing impaired man working with laptop

    Celebrating the Adventures of Hearing Loss

    For those with hearing loss, most career and social obstacles simply have to be strategically navigated


    Top 10 Medical Breakthroughs

    Check out the exciting advances that are coming to health care in 2016

    Woman packing her bag and hearing aid device

    10 Expert Travel Tips for Those With Hearing Loss

    Advice for those with hearing loss on traveling with hearing aids, backup items and more

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    Be A Smart Patient


    Should You Insure Your Hearing Aid?

    Buying insurance for hearing aids requires checking the warranty first

    6 New Advances in Medical Testing

    With Diagnostic Tests, It's a Brave New World

    These 6 game-changing disease diagnostic tests are backed by real science

    5 Tests That Could Save Your Life

    These tests may pick up warning signs of dementia, Parkinson's, even premature death

    Health Resources

    doctor using the ipad

    Medical Diagnosis by Webcam?

    Telemedicine can include anything from emailing your own doctor to video psychiatry appointments at rural clinics

    Denise Austin 30 Plan Fit Fab Exercise Fitness Workout

    Health Tips From Denise Austin

    Fitness icon shares strategies for getting fit in 2015

    The Vaccines You Need at 50+

    Details on which ones to get and which ones to skip

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