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Busted! 5 Menopause Myths

Ease the transition by separating fact from fiction

What’s Happening In Washington?

Get the latest news on the issues you care about. Become an AARP Advocate

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10 Expert Travel Tips for Those With Hearing Loss

Advice for planning your next vacation getaway

How's Your Hearing?

It may not be as great as you think

Dear Airlines: Please Help Passengers Who Are Hard of Hearing

It would only take a few small improvements

Be a Smart Patient

Bad Year for Lyme Disease

Spread of ticks may hit record high

How to Talk So Your Doctor Will Listen

Learn these tips before your next appointment

Control Nighttime Peeing

FDA approves drug to reduce trips to the bathroom

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Yes, ‘Man Flu’ Is Real

Don’t laugh; flu may be worse for men

70? 4 Tests to Avoid

And here are 2 you should consider

New Health Gadget Inspired by ‘Star Trek'

Technology helping you to live long and prosper

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