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    Health Treatments

    Embarrassing Health Conditions Odor Halitosis

    11 Embarrassing Health Conditions

    There's no need to suffer from unflattering smells, sounds or, well, you get it. Solutions are available.

    Meg Grant Life Prozac Antidepressants

    The True Story of My Life on Antidepressants

    The long-term use of antidepressants can be scary. But, for this writer, the alternative was even scarier.

    Headache Busters New Treatments For Pain

    7 Headache Busters

    From foods to apps, try these remedies to ease the pesky, pounding, jarring pain.

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    Be A Smart Patient

    6 New Advances in Medical Testing

    With Diagnostic Tests, It's a Brave New World

    These 6 game-changing disease diagnostic tests are backed by real science.

    Hearing Test Quiz Telephone Woman

    Are You Savvy About Hearing Tests?

    Take this quiz to test your smarts and make sure you know what to expect from the doctor.

    5 Tests That Could Save Your Life

    These tests may pick up warning signs of dementia, Parkinson's, even premature death.

    Health Resources

    Your Lab Results Decoded

    Your routine lab results can seem downright confusing. Find out what all those numbers really mean.

    Denise Austin 30 Plan Fit Fab Exercise Fitness Workout

    Health Tips From Denise Austin

    Fitness icon shares strategies for getting fit in 2015.

    The Vaccines You Need at 50+

    Details on which ones to get and which ones to skip.

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