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Travel Tips for People With Hearing Loss

Do you suffer from hearing loss? Eliminate extra hassle while traveling with a few simple steps

Summer Care for Your Hearing Aid

Learn precautions you should take this summer when caring for your hearing aid

Senate Votes to Allow Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids

Senate legislation could save consumers thousands of dollars

10 Celebrities With Hearing Issues

These celebrities — and the causes of their hearing problems — may surprise you

Hearing Loss Linked to Dementia

Find out if a hearing aid can prevent memory loss and delay signs of dementia

Do You Know How to Recognize Hearing Loss?

Quickly answer a few “conversational” questions to help you recognize hearing loss and your need to be evaluated

Hearing Health Column

Katherine Bouton

Columnist Katherine Bouton is an author, former editor at The New York Times, and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Hearing Loss Association of America

Hearing Aides and Helpers

Do You Need an Implanted Hearing Device?

Traditional hearing aids don't work? New generation of implants are better than ever

What to Expect With Your New Hearing Aid

It may take some adjustment, but you’re on your way to better hearing

Hear Better Live Better

5 Myths About Hearing Loss

One of the country's leading audiologists sounds off about a condition that will eventually affect most of us

Does Your Loved One Need a Hearing Test?

Don’t be an enabler! Here are 8 ways to guide a family member or friend toward a hearing test

10 Ways to Manage Hearing Loss at Work

10 strategies, tips and the right technology to make your workday efficient and audible

Hearing and Driving

Find out how to take control of your hearing in order to stay safe behind the wheel

Tinnitus Growing Among Teens

Talk to your teens about hearing loss. If they continue to expose themselves to very high noise levels, they'll probably suffer from hearing loss by the time they're 30 or 40.

How to Enjoy the Party

Tips to help you enjoy a party, even with hearing loss

Prevent Hearing Loss

Protect Your Hearing

Want to cut your risk of hearing loss? Here are 10 tips to raise awareness and help you protect your ears

Sounds That Harm Hearing

These common noises in your environment can damage your hearing. Protect yourself

Popular Information

Talking About Hearing Loss

Talking to a loved one about hearing loss is really hard! Here's a strategy that might work for you

6 Ways to Tame Tinnitus

Do you have tinnitus? Here's how to manage this maddening, debilitating condition

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There's Something I Want You to Hear

A chat over the phone. Answers to questions. An important conversation. These are things that should never be missed. Up to 40 percent of people age 50+ have some hearing loss, and much of the time it's left untreated. If you or someone you love has hearing loss, don't ignore it — check it out

Hear Better: Quick Tips to Care for Your Hearing Aid

A hearing aid can improve your social life, allow you to hear those you love and even make a difference at work. Watch and learn about easy things you can do to keep your hearing aid working well

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