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    Politics & Policy

    50+ Voters Help Clinton, Trump Win the Northeast

    The impact of the older American voters participation in the "Acela" primary

    Congress, Candidates Must Tackle High Drug Prices

    87% of 50+ adults say it’s important for politicians to support efforts to reduce prescription drug costs

    Video: Age Discrimination

    It may be illegal, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Learn the telltale signs

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    Election 2016

    Hispanics Speak Out: Social Security and Retirement

    New AARP survey finds demographic is somewhat less satisfied than older voters overall on retirement savings

    Playing Dodgeball with Social Security

    America needs the candidates to prove that they can lead. A key component is having a Social Security plan

    Kick the Can

    It's never good to put off, what needs to be done today. Does your candidate have a plan for Social Security?

    Video: Election 2016 View More Election 2016 Videos

    7 Political Upsets In Presidential History

    During this 2016 U.S. presidential election year, it is worth looking back at seven of the biggest upsets and surprises in the country’s history

    Social Security, Jobs Key Economy Issues

    Here's something that Democrats, Republicans and independents agree on. When it comes to the economy, they all want to protect Social Security and lower unemployment

    Medicare & Social Security

    Does Social Security Benefit the Rich?

    Have your say: Based on life expectancy, Social Security tilts in the favor of the affluent. Is this unfair? Join the discussion


    What's the Chained CPI?

    Bottom line: Cost-of-living adjustments would be lower with the chained CPI than with the plain old CPI

    Making Sense of Acronym Soup

    Social Security terms such as FRA, PIA, FICA and QC can be confusing when retirement planning

    Got Medicare Questions?

    AARP's Medicare Q&A tool has the answers

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