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    Politics & Policy

    Holding Our Candidates Accountable

    AARP has been pressing presidential candidates to 'Take a Stand' on Social Security's future

    A Push for Social Security

    Time for presidential candidates to Take a Stand

    Video: Social Security Q & A

    Alfred Padilla, a National Public Affairs Specialist for the Social Security Administration answers key questions from AARP members

    Your Membership

    Today's Hot Deals

    Election 2016

    Trump and Clinton on Social Security

    Earlier this year we invited the candidates to share their policy positions

    Find Out Where the Candidates Stand

    Find out where candidates stand on issues important to people 50 and older

    Kick the Can

    It's never good to put off, what needs to be done today. Does your candidate have a plan for Social Security?

    Medicare & Social Security

    Video: Medicare Fraud Whistleblower Dr. Joseph Ting

    Former employee of 21st Century Oncology witnessed over $100 million dollars billed to the U.S. Government unnecessarily and decided to stand up and tell authorities


    What's the Chained CPI?

    Bottom line: Cost-of-living adjustments would be lower with the chained CPI than with the plain old CPI

    Got Social Security Questions?

    AARP's Social Security Q&A tool has the answers

    Got Medicare Questions?

    AARP's Medicare Q&A tool has the answers

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