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Your Social Security

Start the Social Security Benefits Flowing

When you do it can help you make the most of your benefits

Navigate the Medicare and Social Security Maze

Here's how to unravel the complicated programs

Video: 7 Things You Didn't Know About Social Security

Over 58 million Americans receive Social Security. Tell Congress to protect your heard-earned benefits

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Social Security Benefits

Can You Retire on Social Security Alone?

It’s not easy, but living on social security can be done. Here’s how

Protect & Grow Your Nest Egg

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10 Things To Know About Social Security

Learn about benefits, eligibility, maximum monthly payments, how to apply and other facts

Your Questions

Women and Social Security

Longer lives, lower pay makes benefits important

What Will Your Social Security Benefit Be?

How Social Security calculates how much you'll receive each month

Discover Little-Known Social Security Benefits

Fast-track disability, money management and language services can make life easier

Video: Social Security

Don't Be Clueless About Your Social Security Benefits

Almost a quarter of future retirees who expect to receive Social Security either guess or don't know how much their benefits will be

5 Countries Where Social Security Will Let You Retire in Style

Relying on nothing but Social Security certainly isn’t a sound retirement plan, but in these sunny destinations, it's more than enough to live the good life

Social Security Resources

Social Security Benefits Calculator

Calculate the best retirement age to claim benefits

Got Social Security Questions?

AARP's Social Security Q&A tool has the answers

Social Security For Dummies

Get expert advice for ensuring you're receiving your maximum benefits

Trending Slideshows

7 Ways to Save More

These techniques can help you put more money away for your future

Social Security Changes in 2017

Here’s what to look for in your benefits check and your paycheck deductions

10 Ideal College Towns to Retire

Ten great places to live and learn

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