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A Conversation With ...

Sebastian Junger

The author of 'The Perfect Storm' discusses veterans, alienation and nonfiction

Elizabeth Vargas

The '20/20' coanchor talks about surviving alcoholism, age discrimination and what matters to her now

Video: Ted Koppel

The veteran journalist on the secrets to being married for more than 50 years

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The Real Rosie the Riveter Has Been Revealed

And now the search is on for her sisters in arms

Video: History

Scientists Debate the Future of the Titanic

The Titanic has been rusting away at the bottom of the ocean for more than 100 years. Some scientists say they worry the legendary ship won't be around much longer

Princess Diana's Iconic Dresses on Show

Glittering gowns, elegant suits and bold mini-dresses worn by the late Princess Diana will go on show on the 20th anniversary of her death in new exhibition charting her style reign.

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Jacques Lowe provided the nation with insider access to the president and his family

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Celebrating I Love Lucy star's 100th birthday

1967: A Year of Classic R&B

Billboard chart singles that have stood the test of time

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