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Work Essentials - AARP Everywhere

These experts will help you plan the next steps in your career and answer any questions you have along the way

Kerry Hannon

Kimberly Palmer

Eileen Ambrose


Kerry Hannon

Hannon is AARP's Jobs expert and writes about finding jobs and managing your career after 50

Kimberly Palmer

Kimberly Palmer writes about work and money for AARP


Find a Job

Younger Bosses, Older Workers

Kerry Hannon spoke with Dr. Phil about overcoming the challenges of working for someone younger.

7 Ways to Help Your Résumé Stand Out

Résumé revamp may amp up job search success when employers seek experience and skills

Job Search Tips & Resources

Job-hunting tips and resources to aide your hunt for work

Eileen Ambrose

Eileen writes about money and retirement for AARP


Smart Way to Start a Small Business

Choosing the right structure can make a big difference

The Pitfalls of Franchising

Know the challenges — or your dream business could become a nightmare

Become a Mystery Shopper

Want to get paid to shop, eat or travel? Here's how to snare this unusual job

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