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Kerry Hannon, AARP's jobs expert, is an award-winning author and nationally recognized authority on career transitions and retirement. Her latest book is Getting the Job You Want After 50 for Dummies. She has also written Love Your Job: The New Rules for Career Happiness and Great Jobs for Everyone 50+: Finding Work That Keeps You Happy and Healthy…and Pays the Bills. Hannon has spent more than 25 years covering all aspects of personal finance for national media outlets.

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Volunteer your way to next job

Get Real Job Experience By Volunteering

Volunteer work and nonprofit work is a resume builder to help boost work experience in your job search that will impress employers.

11 Things That Affect Unemployment Eligibility

Unemployment compensation eligibility in the workforce is determined by many factors that every worker should know.

Résumé and Interview

Should You Consider a Pay Cut?

Negotiating salary can be tricky for those unemployed or in career change, but could a pay cut make the job offer worth it?

Person Reading Resume, How To Improve Your Resume

7 Ways to Help Your Résumé Stand Out

Résumé revamp may amp up job search success when employers seek experience and skills.

How to Ace Your Video Interview

How to Ace Your Video Interview

Video interview tips to grab that next job from the computer in your home office from work expert Kerry Hannon.

Part-Time Jobs

Adult Education Teacher, Part-Time Jobs for Boomers

Part-Time Jobs for Workers 50+

Want extra income? These skills are the most sought-after by employers

Contract, temporary, and part time work optimal choice for older workers.

5 Great Short-Term Jobs

Temporary work can bulk up your résumé and your wallet

A teacher works with a student

What's Next? 10 Tips for Career Changers

Follow these steps to start pursuing your passion

Start a Business

Learn the challenges of opening a franchise business.

The Pitfalls of Franchising

Know the challenges — or your dream business could become a nightmare

Be Your Own Boss!

5 great small businesses for people over 50

Mark Nelson, a saddle maker with a workshop behind his house in Wisconsin

Home-Based Businesses

Whether you're looking for income or just a way to follow your passion, these paths can get you started

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