Across the United States, almost 7.8 million children are living in homes where grandparents or other relatives are the householders, with more than 5.8 million children living in grandparents’ homes and nearly 2 million children living in other relatives’ homes. These families are often called “grandfamilies.”


More than 2.5 million grandparents are taking on the responsibility for these children. Many other relatives also take on this responsibility, although data are not available on other relatives. Often they assume this responsibility with neither of the children’s parents present in the home. In fact, nearly 1 million children are living in homes where the grandparent is the householder and neither parent is present in the home (comparable data are not available for children living in homes where another relative is the householder and neither parent is present.)


These grandparent and other relative caregivers and the children they are raising are often isolated. They lack information about the range of support services, resources, programs, benefits, laws and policies available to help them successfully fulfill their caregiving role. In addition, to better serve children, families and older adults, educators and program practitioners need access to information about these key resources. Policy makers also seek information and education about the issues facing these “grandfamilies.” Therefore, in a unique national partnership, AARP, Brookdale Foundation Group, Casey Family Programs, Child Welfare League of America, Children's Defense Fund and Generations United have created the GrandFacts: State Fact Sheets for Grandparents and Other Relatives Raising Children.

GrandFacts State Fact Sheets for Grandparents and Other Relatives Raising Children are funded in part by AARP Foundation and  Verizon Thinkfinity.

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Grandparents raising grandchildren face unique challenges. In Connecticut, the nonprofit group Community Renewal Team developed a special community devoted to their needs. CRT Generations is a neighborhood community with 24 grandfamilies.

GrandFacts national & state
Fact Sheets

Choose national and state fact sheets (in PDF format) including, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands from the dropdown menu below.

Each state fact sheet provides state-specific data, information and helpful links including:


  • Census data
  • Key state and local programs and resources
  • Foster care policies and services
  • Public benefits and financial assistance
  • Education assistance (NEW in 2011!)
  • State laws

GrandFacts Updates
 If you have an update or a resource to be included in the national or state GrandFacts fact sheets, please email us at grandfacts@aarp.org


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