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The Strong Towns approach to community emphasizes obtaining a higher return on investment (ROI) by maintaining existing infrastructure investments instead of building new infrastructure. This is a different approach than the current norm. The mission of Strong Towns is to “support a model of growth that allows America’s towns to become financially strong and resilient.” The Strong Towns website offers information for planners and community leaders to help them determine the best way to incorporate the Strong Town approach to growth in their future community planning efforts.

Key Points

The Strong Towns website emphasizes the need for a different community growth approach to foster development that will help communities be financially stable. The website offers resources for planners and community leaders looking for information on a growth approach that seeks to improve their community’s financial well-being.

The Curbside Chat program, offered as part of the Strong Towns approach, is a presentation followed by a community-specific discussion that assess the needs of a certain community and determines how the Strong Towns approach can help with improving the community’s financial stability. The Curbside Chat program was designed specifically to reach public officials and community leaders at the local level.

How to Use

Planners, government officials and community leaders can use the website to further research the Strong Towns initiative and determine if the Smart Growth approach would work well in their community. Local officials and community leaders looking for ways to improve local growth can use the case studies and the Strong Towns Blog provided through the website to begin their research on the Strong Towns approach.

View the website: Strong Towns Website

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