Meeting Older Adults’ Mobility Needs: Additional Rural Transportation Options – 2012


Transportation options are essential for older adults to ensure that they stay independent and productive when they limit or stop driving. While public transportation meets some needs, other transit options are necessary to fill gaps, such as expanded service areas and hours of operation. This AARP toolkit discusses these alternative transportation options, as well as the benefits of these options to both older adults and caregivers.

Key Points

Beyond public transportation, there are a variety of transportation service options that can benefit older adults, helping to keep them mobile and active by meeting various types of needs. These additional transportation options include private taxis, vanpool and rideshare programs, and volunteer driver programs. Additionally, services such as mobility management and transit travel training can provide support and assistance for older adults and caregivers looking for information on transportation options.

Other key points for policymakers include:

  1. Encourage private sector transportation.
  2. Support partnerships that grow local transportation choices.
  3. Support regional connectivity.

How to Use

This toolkit is a great resource for local planners and government officials considering alternative transportation options to assist aging adults with mobility needs. While public transportation is a great option, there are alternatives to consider that might be more effective and efficient when trying to make a community more livable for older adults in rural areas.

View full report: Meeting Older Adults’ Mobility Needs: Additional Rural Transportation Options – 2012 (PDF – 450 KB)

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