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Discovering new ways to plan and fund livable communities is important for community planners and local leaders searching for the best solutions to local challenges. The Smart Growth Online website was launched by the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) in 1996. Community growth management is considered “smart” when it provides communities with more choices, independence, sustainability and return on investment. The website functions as a source of information for planners seeking ways to develop and manage livable communities.

Key Points

Planners should go directly to the “Information Resources” page for access to numerous articles on planning and development. Each article title leads to a summary page providing the original paper and any related websites. The “Funding” page highlights a variety of funding resources offering grants or creative funding programs. This is rather unique among age-related websites in that few offer resources regarding planning and development along with ways to fund those  initiatives. The “News” page is a great way to stay abreast of smart planning initiatives around the country.

How to Use

Finding ways to create livable communities and then discovering new grants or funding options can be helpful for local planners. Smart Growth Online has a wealth of information to access, as well as local workshops and networks to join.

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