Find every state’s aging plan along with examples of community aging plans from across the country.  These plans provide insight into current aging issues, community-improvement strategies and examples you can use as you address these issues in your own community.

Featured Resources

Virginia’s Blueprint for Livable Communities
Virginia has been on the forefront in the U.S. in coordinating resources for livable communities. This Blueprint serves as an excellent resource and guide not only for communities in Virginia, but around the country, who want to learn best practices, key strategies and tactics, and gain a better understanding of the issues facing communities with older populations.

Age Friendly NYC Website
Planners and local governments can use this site as a model for replicable community strategies and to develop their own age-friendly local portal for providing information and inspiration. 

Clark County Washington Age Readiness Plan
This regional plan is a comprehensive look at age readiness. It provides an analysis of challenges along with specific strategies in five topic areas: healthy communities, housing, transportation and mobility, supportive services, and community engagement. Local officials can use this as a model when developing their own age readiness plan.

North Carolina Aging Services Plan (2011-2015)

The North Carolina Aging Services Plan is a good example of what happens when intentional leadership converges with age planning. Community planners and local governments can gain insight into what action steps are important for fostering unity across departmental and regional lines in age preparation planning.

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