How Does Your Brain Score? Take the Staying Sharp Brain Health Assessment

Friends & Family

Connect With Your Millennial Neighbors

Find common ground with these icebreakers for boomers to engage with their younger, less social neighbors

Should You ‘Like’ Your Adult Kids?

A parent’s guide to commenting on your millennial’s social media posts.

House & Home

Places to Live on Less $$$

We found great spots where you can live the good life for less than 40K

Beat the Tech Support Scam

Do's and don'ts to safeguard against the tech support scam

12 Kitchen Safe Strategies

Keep food delicious and fun by following these essential tips

Your Membership

Today's Hot Deals

Sex & Intimacy

How to Enhance Your Sex Life?

Ask Dr. Pepper Schwartz, AARP's sexpert, and get answers to the best sex after 50

3 Ways to Save Your Marriage

Questions answered about a suspected affair, the effect of sexy poems and the pressure to attend a nudist resort

What Is Sexual Inertia?

Lack of sex does not mean lack of interest, but one partner still must act to 'move'

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