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    Friends & Family

    Thanksgiving Is More Than Just a Holiday

    Thanksgiving Is More Than Just a Holiday

    Even with much progress to be made, there is still much to be thankful for


    The New Faces of Caregiving

    Profiles of caregivers and how they overcome adversity of caring for loved ones who suffer from depression, cancer, dementia and more.

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    Sex & Intimacy

    New ‘Female Viagra’ Pill

    Designed to treat lack of sexual desire in premenopausal women. Will it help older women?

    Relationship Advice and Strategies for Couples

    Strategies from psychologist Lana Staheli to overcome a number of specific relationship problems.

    The New American Marriage

    The New American Marriage

    Couples describe their married lives and healthy relationships when living separately.


    Celebrating Family Caregivers

    November Is National Family Caregivers Month

    AARP is shining a bright light on the experiences of family caregivers

    This Year, I’m Thankful for Family Caregivers

    The importance of caregivers taking time to also care for themselves

    What Are Continuing Care Retirement Communities?

    Use the family care navigator tool, chat online, and more to find support near you.


    What not to do on a first date

    First-Date Do’s and Don’ts

    Expert tips on what not to wear, what not to order and what not to say to have a great first date.

    How Men Date and Women Should Too

    Women, Date Like Men!

    Is it time to take a hard look at male dating behaviors and start using the same tactics?

    Where Do I Meet People?

    Find out what Dr. Sue Johnson, relationship expert, has to say about navigating today's dating world


    Guy Kawasaki

    Technology: Not Just a Guy Thing

    Tech pioneer Guy Kawasaki shows you how to learn to love tech in AARP’s new online series.

    Apps “Hijacking” 12 Million Smartphones

    Protect yourself from apps that gobble up data and shorten battery life

    Doctors videoconferencing on smartphones, Better Health Through Technology

    The High-Tech Ways to Stay Healthy

    From smartphone apps to virtual doctors, technology has opened up a whole new world.

    House & Home

    Livable Cities, New Orleans

    30 Best Cities to Make New Friends

    30 cities where it's easier to make friends, residents look out neighbors and more.

    Declutter Your Home Now

    Learn How to Declutter Your Life — Now!

    Learn inside tips from a professional organizer on how to get started organizing your home.

    Livable Cities, Denver

    30 Best Cities for Staying Healthy

    30 of the best cities to live or retire that support your goals of living a healthy lifestyle.

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