You can help end senior hunger. Learn ways you can take action today


    Digital Entreprenuers Over 50

    Technology Whiz Kids 50+

    Inspired ideas often come from older innovators

    Apps “Hijacking” 12 Million Smartphones

    Protect yourself from apps that gobble up data and shorten battery life

    Doctors videoconferencing on smartphones, Better Health Through Technology

    The High-Tech Ways to Stay Healthy

    From smartphone apps to virtual doctors, technology has opened up a whole new world

    Friends & Family

    Lesley Stahl: On Becoming a Grandmother

    First grandchild came along and softened tough journalist

    Definition of an Adult

    When Is Your Child Really a Grownup?

    It's an uphill climb for many millennials to stand on their own

    Video: Ricky & Doris: An Unconventional Friendship

    Ricky Syers is an offbeat 50-year-old street performer; Doris Diether, an 86-year-old community activist

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    Today's Hot Deals

    Sex & Intimacy

    Senior couple kissing in park

    Sex Helps Boost Brainpower

    A new study finds that sex is good for the brain, especially as we age

    Give Yourself a Valentine, massage

    Give Yourself a Valentine

    Why wait for candy and flowers when these options are on tap?

    Video: Take a Romantic Getaway

    Learn why taking a romantic vacation can help reignite the spark in your relationship



    When a Troubled Past Affects Present Caregiving

    How to stay committed despite a hurtful family history

    Caregiving Help From Tech Breakthroughs

    GPS, medication organizers, and gadgets that can help minimize stress

    4 Tips for Long-Distance Caregivers

    4 Tips for Long-Distance Caregivers

    Learn to manage your loved one's care no matter where you are


    How to Help Adult Children Through Engagement Dilemmas

    Helping Your Kids Through Engagement Woes

    With the holidays — a prime time for engagements — over, some wonder when the question will be popped

    4 Types of Men You Shouldn’t Date

    Four types of men the writer feels you should avoid

    Video: What Is Your Best Dating Advice?

    We asked AARP members what their best dating advice is; see what they had to say

    House & Home

    Jaguar F-Type sports car

    Cars to Get Your Motor Running

    You don’t need a midlife crisis to lust for one of these roadsters

    Declutter Your Home

    Learn How to Declutter Your Life — Now!

    Learn inside tips from a professional organizer on how to get started organizing your home

    Los Angeles, 10 Most Healthy Cities

    30 Best Cities for Staying Healthy

    30 of the best cities to live or retire that support your goals of living a healthy lifestyle

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