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Patricia Barry, senior editor of the AARP Bulletin and its online Ms. Medicare columnist, is a recognized authority on Medicare and Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. She has written extensively about Medicare and other health care issues for consumers and is the author of the book Medicare For Dummies (Wiley/AARP 2013). To see questions on a wide range of Medicare issues that Ms. Barry has already answered, view the “Ask Ms. Medicare” archive below. To submit a new question, email her at

The Latest

Different Ways to Pay Medicare Premiums

What choices do you have in the way you pay your Medicare premiums?

Medicare for a New Generation

If you work past 65, here's what you need to know about Medicare

6 Ideas to Strengthen Medicare

How to make Medicare more patient-friendly and financially stable

Featured Columns

Medicare Changes for 2015

Millions face increases to their existing premium for prescription drugs

9 Medicare Enrollment Facts You Need to Know

Learn how to avoid pitfalls and save money by enrolling at the right time for you

Marital Status and Medicare Eligibility

How Medicare works when you're in a same-sex marriage

Ask Ms. Medicare Archive

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Learn about how you can qualify for health coverage under Medicare

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Learn about when and how to sign up for Medicare according to your circumstances

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Learn about how to opt out of Medicare if you are already enrolled

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Out of Pocket Expenses

Learn about your share of Medicare costs

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Medical Coverage (Part A and Part B)

Learn about medical services covered under Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (outpatient insurance)

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Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D)

Learn about how Medicare’s prescription drug program works

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Medicare Private Health Plans

Learn about the Medicare Advantage program, an alternative way of receiving Medicare benefits

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Sources of Information and Help

Learn about how to find personal help on Medicare issues

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