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    Brain Health

    Social Activities May Boost Memory

    Online shopping, playing cards and spending time with friends are all linked to better brain health as we age

    4 Reasons to Treat Your Hearing Loss

    Treating your hearing loss can help you live a healthier, happier life, here's why

    How Noshing on Berries Can Improve Your Brain Health

    Looking for a healthy snack? Grab a handful of berries. They pack a healthy punch for your brain and your body

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    Health Videos

    Protecting Yourself From Zika

    CDC Director Thomas Frieden discusses the virus, and the best way to stay safe

    Living Life Fully – With Cancer

    Actress Valerie Harper stands up to cancer by living life to the fullest; learn her invaluable secrets to joy

    Time for a Hearing Checkup?

    Only 14 percent of people suffering from hearing loss wear hearing aids; learn why


    Top 10 Medicare Mistakes

    Common errors can be costly, but here's how to avoid them

    Medicare for Dummies

    By conveying the basics and where to find assistance, this book gets you the most out of Medicare

    Got Medicare Questions?

    AARP's Medicare Q&A tool has the answers

    Health Insurance

    Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance

    Figure out which long-term care insurance option best meets your health care needs

    States Simplify Process for Medicaid Sign-Ups

    31 states have expanded eligibility for Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act

    Your Guide to the ACA

    How the health care law benefits you and your family

    Health Conditions

    8 Fabulous Foods that Naturally Lower Blood Pressure

    Find out how small changes to your diet can help your health

    Could You Be Having a Silent Heart Attack?

    Silent heart attacks have few if any noticeable symptoms

    Yes, I Have Hearing Loss, but Talk to Me Anyway

    A huge danger for people with hearing loss is isolation. Here's how to keep chatting.

    Drugs and Supplements

    New Coalition Pushes for Lower Prescription Drug Prices

    Consumer concern is fueling the push for major changes in rising drug prices

    Swallow Those Supplements With Care

    Some health remedies may trigger dangerous reactions with your medications

    Not As Prescribed

    In this book, Dr. Haroutunian, physician director at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, explains the dynamics of addiction in older adults

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