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AARP Foundation Disaster Stewardship

Recognizing the challenges many face following a significant disaster — especially vulnerable older adults who have been affected — AARP Foundation and our donors stepped up to make a positive difference. 

AARP Foundation has raised millions with matching gifts and directs all funds raised to organizations that are providing relief and assistance to disaster victims in the stricken areas.

We are helping to support seniors with recovery efforts from  hurricanes, wildfires and other natural disasters. 

Debra Whitman, AARP Foundation President Lisa Ryerson, Mirta Pierre, 90, St. Vincent de Paul nursing home, Leogane, Haiti

2010 Haiti Earthquake

Recover and Rebuild

Catastrophe and Community

For vulnerable older adults, a natural disaster intensifies the struggles they already experience — so when communities are pummeled by catastrophic natural disasters, we move quickly.

Over the years, an outpouring of support from thousands of donors  has been matched with gifts from AARP and AARP Foundation, allowing us to deliver millions to organizations on the ground helping older adults get back on their feet in the wake of the disaster.


Charity Rating

AARP Foundation earns high rating for accountability from a leading charity evaluator.