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AARP's Social Security Q&A Tool

How much of my husband's Social Security retirement benefit will I receive if I retire at 62 and he retired at full retirement age?

If you are taking a spousal benefit at 62, your benefit would be based on your spouse's full retirement benefit but with reductions because you are claiming early. If your own full retirement age is 66, at age 62 you would receive about 35 percent of your spouse's full retirement age benefit. Widowers are subject to different reductions for taking survivor benefits before full retirement age. For more information on how taking spousal or survivor benefits early could affect your benefits, for spousal benefits please visit http://www.ssa.gov/oact/quickcalc/spouse.html and http://www.socialsecurity.gov/retirement/1943.html or for widow(er)'s benefits please visit http://www.ssa.gov/survivorplan/survivorchartred.htm. Also, be sure to consider whether your own work history may affect your total retirement benefits.

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