ReAct: Best Practices


Employer Best Practices


ReACT and the National Alliance for Caregiving conducted organizational case studies on 18 companies taking a look at their best practices. A “best practice” approach is one that is equitable for employees, accessible to all employees, respects the privacy of employees, is mission-driven for the employer and, in the case of specific interventions, is provided by competent, qualified and trained professionals.


best practice strategies

A good strategy for achieving corporate goals of recruitment, retention, reductions in workplace accommodations and adverse outcomes such as leaving the workplace altogether as a consequence of caregiving include:

  • An understanding of your workforce and their needs
  • A program or policy that is available to all employees and not just one category of employee
  • Training of supervisors and managers about eldercare
  • Education for employees about the caregiving process and ways in which the program can support their goal of continuing to be a family caregiver and a productive worker
  • Programs to help employees plan ahead for their caregiving responsibilities