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AARP Must-Have Guide to 2013

A preview of the coming year's best buys, worst scams and more!

Guide to 2013.

Here comes 2013! — iStock

Americans have a lot to think about this year. There are New Year's health resolutions to keep, savings to take advantage of, important anniversaries to remember and scams to avoid.


We offer a taste of the high points. You'll find great monthly sales and preventive tips for sidestepping popular scams. We've created a month-by-month fitness plan. There's a preview of Supreme Court cases that have significance for people age 50 and older.


For more about 2013, check out the free download of the new AARP 2013 Almanac. If you're hankering to know when, exactly, the baseball season begins, we have that. It's April 1. No fooling.


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