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Protect Medicare

Medicare was a deal made with the American people. Stand with AARP to tell Congress to protect Medicare

Fighting for Your Health

We will fight to make sure that any new health care legislation stops insurance companies from overcharging older Americans

No Age Tax

Tell Congress to oppose the State Age Rating Flexibility Act of 2017

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Senators Urged to Vote Against Health Care Bill

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AARP Opposes Proposed Budget

It cut billions from programs older Americans depend on

Where AARP Stands

How AHCA Could Affect Your Insurance Costs

AARP releases impact data for every state

Videos: Advocacy

Cancer Patient to Congress: I Won’t Stop Till You Lower Drug Prices

The high prices of prescription drugs affect all Americans, but when dealing with the reality of cancer, the cost can mean bankruptcy

AARP Wants Senators to Start From Scratch

Tell them to write a health care bill that provides affordable coverage to all

Advocates for Social Security

Navigate the Medicare and Social Security Maze

Here's how to unravel the complicated programs

10 Surprising Facts About Social Security

Little-known tidbits about one of America's best-loved programs

Video: Jean Chatzky on Social Security

AARP's financial ambassador suggests waiting to claim Social Security benefits so your monthly check will be higher

Military & Veterans

Aging Vets Win Legal Battle

Marines finally get compensation for toxic exposure

Old Soldiers Win New Recruits

The VFW reaches out to a new generation

AARP Honors Those Who Served

Online resources and information for veterans

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