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Advocates for Social Security

Let's Unite Behind Social Security

Nearly 61 million Americans receive Social Security, including more than 4 million children

Keeping Social Security Strong

Solvency proposals must ensure meaningful benefits for future generations

Video: Jean Chatzky on Social Security

AARP's financial ambassador suggests waiting to claim Social Security benefits so your monthly check will be higher

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Action & Activism

Age Tax Is Unfair and Unaffordable

Doctors’ bills and insurance costs could go up for many older Americans

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Video: What’s Happening in Washington With Medicare

Policy expert David Certner answers your questions about what’s happening in Washington with Medicare

Where AARP Stands

Securing a Healthy Future

Why Medicare matters to all Americans

Military & Veterans

Old Soldiers Win New Recruits

The VFW reaches out to a new generation

Webinar: Joys and Challenges Facing Military Caregivers

Hear from current and former military members and their loved ones

AARP Honors Those Who Served

Online resources and information for veterans

Learn About Volunteering With AARP

AARP in Your State

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities in AARP state offices. Share your interests and we'll help you explore options

Create the Good

Find ways to be of help directly in your community, whether you have 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 days to give

AARP Chapters

Find a Local AARP Chapter location near you to connect with other AARP members

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