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    Advocates for Social Security

    Hispanics Speak Out: Social Security and Retirement

    New AARP survey finds demographic is somewhat less satisfied than older voters overall on retirement savings

    Does Social Security Benefit the Rich?

    Based on life expectancy, Social Security tilts in the favor of the affluent. Is this unfair? Join the discussion

    Answer the Call

    It’s time to Take A Stand. Does your candidate have a plan for Social Security?

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    Action & Activism

    A Caregiver’s Regret: How The CARE Act Could Have Helped

    Caregivers need more support from hospital to home

    Survey: Growing Worry Over Drug Prices

    Older adults are choosing not to fill prescriptions due to high costs

    Video: Viola Davis Helps Fight Hunger

    Viola Davis talks about her involvement with Hunger Is, a program aimed at ending children’s food depravation

    Where AARP Stands

    Retirement Savings Loophole Closed

    New rule finally closes a loophole that allowed some financial experts to give advice that was in their own interest

    Military & Veterans

    The Long Shadow of PTSD

    Decades after Vietnam, retired veterans seek help for Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

    From Veteran to Business Owner

    Capitol Post is an organization that supports veterans who want to start a business or explore a new career

    AARP Honors Those Who Served

    Online resources and information for veterans

    Learn About Volunteering With AARP

    AARP in Your State

    There are a variety of volunteer opportunities in AARP state offices. Share your interests and we'll help you explore options

    Create the Good

    Find ways to be of help directly in your community, whether you have 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 days to give

    AARP Chapters

    Find a Local AARP Chapter location near you to connect with other AARP members

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