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What do boomers want? Find the latest research on the American 50+ population, which reveals important trends among boomers and other age segments.

Featured Resources

Best Cities for Successful Aging (Milken Institute)
This report prepared by the Milken Institute ranks 359 metropolitan areas for successful aging. A variety of indicators are evaluated and the top 20 large and small metro areas are highlighted.

Home and Community Preferences of the 45+ Population (AARP)
This national survey examines the shift in housing preferences for adults ages 45 and older. Housing preferences, household features and communities were explored.

The Retirement Confidence Survey (Employee Benefit Research Institute)
The Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) national survey of retirement confidence levels has tracked workers for 22 years, and the 2012 findings are historic lows. Only 52 percent of workers are “somewhat” or “very” confident about having enough money to “live comfortably throughout” their retirement years. That’s down from 70 percent in 2002.

United States of Aging Survey (United Health Care, et al)
This survey offers a good topline snapshot of the current mindset of younger seniors. Understanding seniors’ perceptions, opinions and thoughts regarding financial and physical well-being, community accessibility, job opportunities, and other such issues can help community planners prioritize initiatives to accommodate the changing needs of seniors in their communities.

Transitioning into Retirement: The MetLife Study of Baby Boomers at 65
This report offers a high-level of data regarding retirement trends of the older Boomer segment, as well as their feelings and attitudes toward retirement and the post-retirement life stage. Planners and local officials can use this report to gain an understanding of the perceptions and behaviors of the older Boomer population.


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