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economic issues

Find out how current economic issues are affecting older residents and how this may impact your community.

Featured Resources

The Financial Impact of Longevity Risk (International Monetary Fund)
As the U.S. grows older, more financial resources will be expended to meet the needs of an aging population base. Just how much will be expended depends on reliable forecasting. This report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) indicates that most projections do not factor in “longevity risk,” meaning that because people will live longer, governments will pay longer (and therefore more), impacting revenue available for everyone.

Economic Mobility and the American Dream – Where Do We Stand in the Wake of the Great Recession? (Pew Charitable Trusts)
This report released by the Pew Charitable Trusts’ Mobility Project provides local governments with a perspective on how Americans view their economic mobility, the implications of that perspective, and what it means for the role of government.

Transportation, Economic Opportunity, and America’s Future (Transportation for America)
This policy brief, produced by Transportation for America, identifies the benefits of transportation improvements, with particular emphasis on economic development. The report cites seven markets where investing in transit resulted in significant business investment and development in the surrounding communities.

Boomer Expectations for Retirement 2012: Annual Update on Retirement Preparedness of the Boomer Generation (Insured Retirement Institute)
Retirement preparation is important for all Americans, especially the very large Boomer generation. This survey reflects a need for more education and support on personal savings and investments, which local officials can help provide.

James Chung on Marketing to Baby Boomers

The Boomers have driven housing, retail, and community-development trends for decades. The recent financial crisis has resulted in a future which poses both challenges and opportunities for businesses.


One in Three Americans is Now 50 or Older


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