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The Community Commons helps community planners and local leaders determine where and what type of livable community initiatives are taking place nationally, and to help them visualize and discover resources. The site is unique in that it is easy to navigate, it allows for continuing contributions, and it serves as an aggregate resource for livable community challenges and solutions.

Key Points

The site functions as a place to see who is doing whatandwhere through interactive mapping, and then to discuss how they are doing it. It is organized into four areas: Connect, Engage, Visualize, and Share.

Other website highlights include:

  1. Connect: Map of the Movement allows users to zoom in on any given point and, in turn, discover which initiatives and organizations are active in the creation of livable communities around the country.
  2. Engage: This category lists news, features, and groups. Specifically, the Groups feature provides an overview of the types of resources and articles on the site.
  3. Visualize: This section allows planners and leaders to contribute their own points of data. One unique feature in this section is the Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA) site, which helps formalized institutions (hospitals, health departments, financial institutions, etc.) in the livable community planning process.
  4. Share: This category brings a social media component and shared Google calendar to those interested in participating in the livable community movement.

How to Use

Community planners and local leaders seeking a single resource that helps capture the growing livable communities movement (including community living organizations, locations, articles, groups, and data mining) should bookmark this website.

View website: Community Commons website

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