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Tour the Longest-Living Place on Earth

  • Wakaho, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

    En español l The Nakajima family takes a lunch break in their apple orchard while doing springtime pruning. Residents’ much improved diet and regular exercise have seen Nagano prefecture surpass Okinawa prefecture as having the longest life expectancy in Japan and hence the industrialized world.

    Photo by James Whitlow Delano 1 of 11
  • Nagano Prefecture, Japan

    Sake shop owner appears to have historic district in Suzaka all to himself.

    Photo by James Whitlow Delano 2 of 11
  • Wakaho, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

    Mrs. Hanegi, 90, weeds her vegetable plot near Wakaho, Nagano prefecture.

    Photo by James Whitlow Delano. 3 of 11
  • Nagano Prefecture, Japan

    Mr. Ikeda, "retirement age," drives a taxi in central Nagano City.

    Photo by James Whitlow Delano 4 of 11
  • Between Hakuba and Kinasa, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

    Anticipating the spring melt, an older woman living in a high mountain village clears drainage in what will become rice paddies.

    Photo by James Whitlow Delano 5 of 11
  • Nakano, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

    Mr. Kazu, 96, a WWII veteran, still navigates the streets of his hometown of Nakano by foot.

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  • Nagano, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

    In Japan, in general, and Nagano, in particular, it is not unusual for older residents to do work typical of much younger people.

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  • Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

    Throughout Japan, bicycles have never ceased to be a viable transportation option (and a contributor to cardiovascular health). Age is no deterrent to cyclists here, even if most bicycles are one-speed clunkers.

    Photo by James Whitlow Delano 8 of 11
  • Takayama, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

    A bridge leads into the remote canyon where Yamada Onsen sits. A half-century ago, the mountains of Nagano prefecture isolated villages and limited food sources. Residents ate large portions of salt-cure vegetables leading to a low life-expectancy. Not so today.

    Photo by James Whitlow Delano 9 of 11
  • Suzaka, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

     Suzaka resident makes life easy for her dog.

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