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60-Second Health Boosters

You don’t need gobs of time to improve your health. Just a minute will do

  • Kick Off Your Shoes

    En español l Not in your bedroom, though — at the front door. Experts say it keeps you from tracking in allergen-loaded soil and pollen that can aggravate allergies and asthma. (Plus, it keeps your floors cleaner.) Take a minute to view this slideshow and discover more ways to improve your health in only a minute.

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  • Give Someone a Squeeze

    A 10-second hug lowers blood pressure by increasing the feel-good hormone oxytocin and lowering the stress chemical cortisol, according to a new study.

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  • Remember Your Feet

    The tops of your toes — as well as the tips of your ears and the back of your neck — tend to get burned frequently, so be sure to slather sunscreen on these places.

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  • Savor a Slice

    Of cucumber, that is. Pressed to the roof of your mouth for 90 seconds, it can eliminate bad breath by increasing saliva, experts say.

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  • Stick Out Your Tongue, Then Scrape It

    This not only helps reduce bad breath, it also protects against gum disease, colds and cavities, according to several studies.

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  • Drink Your Watermelon

    A tall glass of watermelon juice can relieve muscle soreness because of the melon’s high levels of an amino acid called L-citrulline. Just be sure to store your watermelons at room temperature. A Department of Agriculture study found room-temperature watermelons had twice the levels of vitamin A and 20 percent more lycopene. Once it’s cut, refrigerate it.

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  • Go Red

    Top your cereal or yogurt with those sweet little berries that pack a big fiber punch, ranking them highest in fiber among fruits. A cup contains 8 grams of dietary fiber, more than one-third of your daily need. Getting enough fiber helps your digestive health, protects against heart disease and staves off hunger between meals.  

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  • For Ketchup, Go Organic

    Improve that grilled burger with organic ketchup. Department of Agriculture researchers compared lycopene levels in 13 brands and found that organic brands contain as much as three times the amount of the cancer-fighting phytochemicals as nonorganic brands — probably because they’re made with riper dark tomatoes.

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