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Denise Austin is AARP’s New Wellness Ambassador!

The fitness icon is here to get you healthy with her expert tips and videos on eating well and exercising

What’s Happening In Washington?

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Be Well

Why Our Telomeres Matter

The Nobel Prize winner talks about living longer, fending off disease and the high toll of stress

Feel Better in 60 Seconds or Less

Remedies to help you lose weight, sleep better, and feel healthier

How to Stay Healthy in the New Year

Top docs share their best health do's and dont's for 2017

Quizzes and Slideshows

Can You Trick Yourself Into Losing Weight?

Test what you know about everyday behaviors that may be sabotaging your weight-loss efforts

6 Memory Boosters for Your Mate

Stealth strategies to charge up your mate’s memory

The Vitamin Quiz

Vitamins keep you healthy, but how much do you know about their benefits and risks?

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