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get healthy with dr. oz's 6-month plan

a note from
Dr. Oz

En español | As a physician, father, author, and host of "The Dr. Oz Show," I know what it means to be busy. The truth is, if you can't find the time to get healthy, you're not going to be around as long as your kids and grandkids would like. Cancer doesn't kill most of us: Lack of exercise and a poor diet do.


Follow this 6-Month Plan, and work out with the exercise videos below, and you'll be on your way to living the best life possible for as long as possible.

6 Months To A
Healthier You

Dr. Oz's 6 Month Plan, Warm Up

Getting Started

Simple things to do everyday to improve your health. Read

Dr. Oz's plan, month 1

Your Diet Makeover

Eat better to live a longer life. Read

Dr. Oz's plan, month 2

Your Health Numbers

Health numbers you should know and control right away. Read

Dr. Oz's plan, month 3

Ramp Up Your Exercise

In cultures where people live long, healthy lives, rigorous physical activity is the norm. Read

Dr. Oz's plan, month 4

Manage Your Stress

Stress is good. Stress is bad. So which one is it? Read

Dr. Oz's plan, months 5-6

Make Health a Habit

One great way to take control of your health is to clearly define what you want out of life. Read

Dr. Oz Exercise

sitting twist

Stretching, strength and balance are keys to a well-rounded exercise program. In these easy-to-follow fitness videos, Dr. Oz and trainer Joel Harper show you the steps needed to achieve a healthier you in no time! Watch

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