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Fat to Fit group

Fat to Fit

Register now for AARP's third annual Fat-to-Fit Weight Loss Challenge -- and a chance to win a $2,000 prize! Our online program is aimed at helping improve your health through positive lifestyle changes. Fitness expert and author Carole Carson is leading the Fat-to-Fit online community through the 8-week program. This year's challenge runs through July 9, and participants can join any time.

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buddy281 says: I cannot seem to get to the gym or walk after work. I have good intentions but by the end of the day it gets the best of me ... 

sthompson62 says: I have hit a plateau. It is so discouraging. I know the best way when you hit a plateau is to eat less or exercise more. But when I eat less than 1200 calories, the food journal gives me a warning that I am not eating right ... 

MichiganNative says: A smoothie made in a blender of 1 cup of fat free milk, half a ripe banana and enough frozen fruit of your choice to make it thick makes a wonderful, sweet-tasting, low-calorie treat ...

mack59 says: I just joined my city's gym three weeks ago. I exercise two times a week. I have gotten so I can exercise for 15 minutes instead of the 5 minutes when I started ... 

abbsfsd says: I want to get fit. I am tired of running out of breath and not being able to finish anything. I know I need a good support group. I hope this is it ...

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