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    Mind and Memory


    Is It Normal Memory Loss or Early Dementia?

    Worried about your memory? Take our quiz

    Global Council on Brain Health logo

    AARP Launches Global Council on Brain Health

    Look to GCBH for trusted information about brain health and the latest scientific insights

    Hearing Aid

    Hearing Aids May Help Protect Brain Health

    Can using hearing aids reduce the risk of cognitive decline?

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    Couple riding a tandem bike together. Exercise for brain health.

    What Are the Brain Benefits of Exercise?

    How much do you know about the mental benefits of exercise? Take our quiz!

    Fitness Flash High Intensity Training Health Benefits Lower Blood Pressure

    Health Benefits From 5 Minutes of High-Intensity Exercise

    No time to work out? Research shows short bursts of intense effort have physical and mental advantages

    Smiling couple jogging on path, Exercise helps brain health

    4 Simple Rules to Shape Up Your Memory

    If you're worried about your memory, it's time to get moving. Here's your no-excuse guide to exercising for brain health


    Three women laughing together on the beach.

    9 Ways to Make Friends and Boost Brain Health

    Studies show connecting with friends is good for brain health

    Woman practicing yoga. Exercise is key to de-stressing.

    Is Stress to Blame for Your Memory Lapses?

    Take these 5 easy steps to calm yourself down — and maybe even become less forgetful

    Brain Health Sleep Link Alzheimers Memory Benefits

    Why Sleep Is Precious for Staying Sharp

    Sleeping less than seven or eight hours a night? It may have dangerous implications for your brain. Here's what it does during sleep


    Berries for Brain Power

    Eating more berries, including blueberries, acai berries and strawberries, may boost your brain health

    7 Delicious Steps to a Stronger Memory

    Which food to eat — and which ones to avoid — to improve memory and stay sharp

    Best Nuts Health Strong Bones Walnut

    Seeking Healthier Foods?

    Try nuts! They have plenty of benefits for your body and mind

    Brain Games


    Train your mental calculation skills by discovering the math formulas

    Elephant memory

    Elephant Memory

    You have 60 seconds to memorize a long list of words. Ready?

    Brain Games 80

    Find the Right Match

    Test your cultural memory on seven topics


    AARP President Jeannine English

    Let's Do More to Fight Dementia

    The prevalence of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias is increasing sharply

    Hearing Loss Linked to Dementia

    Find out if a hearing aid can prevent memory loss and delay signs of dementia

    Family and Friends Spot Early Signs of Dementia Better Than Doctors

    A simple test with eight yes/no questions can spot early signs of Alzheimer's better than traditional screening tests

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